October 31, 2010


Since the 70's are more and more in fashion I feel that the best way of remembering the looks and feelings are to look at old movies from that time. These movies should all be inspiring for both men and women! Movies are the perfect entertainment during the fall...

The classic Annie Hall style was born here

Love story

Saturday night with all the dance moves
The way we were

The first and the second of The Godfather trilogy are both from the 70's

One of Kubricks most famous movies
Star Wars

A bit of horror as well from the 70's..

October 29, 2010


The museum of photography in Stockholm Fotografiska has a exhibition around fashion. It is very interesting and fascinating to see how both the role of the model and the message of the picture have changed during the history. In the beginning the clothing is the important part, but today it is so much more about the message the brand wants to give with in many cases a famous person as a model. Remember to take a cup of coffee at the second floor with the lovely view of Stockholm. 

The pictures are taken from the museums website; http://www.fotografiska.eu/

October 26, 2010


Bags are the most difficult thing to buy for me. So occasionally I search the web for nice looking bags - maybe some of these are interesting for you as well!





October 24, 2010


I usually find architecture as a very good inspiration for designing clothes. One of the most interesting architecture you can find in St. Petersburg, Russia. I have used the city's buildings and streets as well as the traditional ballet as an inspiration for my sketches. I have picked out pictures that inspired me and created illustrations out from that. The pictures are taken from a book called "Optimism of the memory Leningrad the 70-s".

October 23, 2010


Today I was at the opening for the Anders Zorn (1860-1920) exhibition at Prins Eugens Waldermarsudde (http://www.waldemarsudde.se/) at Djurgården in Stockholm. Zorn is Sweden's all time most known and successful artist. He is obviously very talented, but somehow I like his sketches more than the final painting.. I have picked out some of the most known and some of my favourites. 

At Prince Eugen's castle there is also a restaurant called Prinsens kök that serves delicious meals and cakes from the old kitchen. A very cosy atmosphere!
This was one of his first paintings

Anders Zorn himself.

October 22, 2010


November the second the collection Lanvin loves H&M will be on the web. The 23rd of November it will be in stores. I have picked out my favourites from the Lanvin Fall collection - he is fantastic with forms and silhouettes and still keeping the minimalistic look.

Preview of the collection from http://www.puretrend.com/

Fall 2010 http://www.lanvin.com/

Fall 2010 http://www.lanvin.com/

Fall 2010 http://www.lanvin.com/

Fall 2010 http://www.lanvin.com/

Fall 2010 http://www.lanvin.com/

October 21, 2010


Berlin has a lot. I like it a lot. Being there for a weekend I focused mostly on the lovely COS store and a nice flee market at Mauerpark. I also reminded my self about the history and walked along the rainy streets. Last but not least I ofcourse enjoyed the German beer, a lovley apple strudle and a nice cup of coffee. My favourite areas were Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer berg - many nice cafes!
We walked alot


A beer with cherry flavour

The fall was also in Berlin...

Kennedy's famous worlds at Checkpoint Charlie


Apple strudle

Coffee at Einstein

Very good coffe place with a lovley NY cheescake

Cinema Cafe at Mitte

October 13, 2010


I am thinking of adding some art to my little home and have difficulties to know what I actually like to have... However during this search of the perfect piece of art I have found many old and new favourites that I'd like to share.
Hanna Werning
Jesper Waldersten

Stina Wirsén
Maja Sten

Liselott Watkins

From Lotta Agaton blog