November 28, 2011


I like the raw materials put into the romantic room. It is all about the contrast, as usual.

From no-so-nude blog

November 24, 2011


Things used in a different way is always nice. Here is one option to do it.


November 23, 2011


Home made burger together with home made chips and a crispy salad.

November 16, 2011


Fantastic campaign from United colors of Benetton.

US president barack Obama with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez

German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicholas Sarkozy

Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas

North Korea's Kim Jong-Ii and Lee Myung-Bak, president of South Korea

Pope Bendetto XVI with Ahmed el Tayyeb, imam of al-azhar mosque in Cairo

Hu Jintao, paramount leader of the people's republic of China, with Barack Obama, president of the USA

November 13, 2011


Having dinner with Mexico as inspiration. A lot of spices to warm up the cold November.

Primer plato: Sweet potato chips with guacemole and chili
Plato principal: Chili con carne
Postre: Exotic fruits in dark rum

November 9, 2011

November 3, 2011


Dots around us.

Polka dot tea service by Wedgwood

Yayoi Kusama, by Laura Hoptman, Akira Tatehata and Udo Kulterman

Yayoi Kusama, by Laura Hoptman, Akira Tatehata and Udo Kulterman

Polka dot chair by PBTeen