May 24, 2012


Dark chocolate terrine with pistachio parfait, caramel foam, fennel sprinkles and hawthon sorbet. Delicious dessert at Mosebacke, Stockholm.

May 22, 2012


Fantastic furniture in beech from Bob Verschueren - exhibited at Fiskars in Finland.

May 21, 2012


The fantastic thing by being at the countryhouse is how close you are to good food. The best fish is the one you have fished yourself. A perch filet fried in butter with some chives is my top favourite dish during summer time.

May 16, 2012


If you want to be anonymous.
Nick Cave, Jack Shainman Gallery, NY

Source: Love, autumn/winter 2011/12

May 8, 2012


An upcoming city with a lovely harbour and a lot of graffiti! Tips on a good restaurant is Restaurant Cox, Lange reihe 68. The neighborhood at Sternschanze was cosy with bars and shops. Also the Marktstrabe have very nice second hand shops! Übel und Gefährlich was a cool night club (Feldstraße 66) in an old bunker.