September 30, 2011


Amsterdam was beautiful and sunny. Biking around in the city looking at all happy people enjoying the last sunny days before winter. Fantastic tapas at Pata-Negra ( and good sunday music in the Westerpark.

September 28, 2011


I just realize that the Nevermind album was released 20 years ago - 24/9 1991. Listen to them and check out their clothes, grunge and 90's are back.

September 26, 2011


As usually New York is fantastic. Loads of nice knits in vintage stores (Beacon's closet, Single by Stella, What comes around goes around), Barneys fantastic collections, Anthroplogy's creative clothes and interior, beautiful weather and lovely restaurants. Here are my visit in pictures..

Queen of Williamsburg called Leonora on the right side..

Sheep at Uniqlo - wool is in

The toilet's wallpaper at restaurant La Esquina (

La Esquina

ELOTES CALLEJEROS grilled local corn the best one I ever ate!

Nice bar as well at La Esquina

Drinks at Buddakan (

Restaurant Balthazar (
Second hand at Beacon's closet

Second hand at Single by Stella

Anthropologie store

Fantastic nice lamp from Anthropologie

September 15, 2011


Words of wisdom at Bianchi Café ( during lunch time in Stockholm.

September 11, 2011


Since knitwear is my passion I tend to blog about that a lot. Here we go again. Beautiful knits to get warm in yet being fashionable.
Miu Miu


Stella McCartnay


Vanessa Bruno

Michael Kors


September 3, 2011


A Swedish balkan band that have released their third album "Gift", still inspired by music from the east. Check them out on Spotify, different and interesting.

At Parkteatern in Stockholm

September 1, 2011


It is amazing how much clever design and advanced creativity can make you happy and inspired. I am so thankful for new thinking and challenging the borders. Hopefully these picture will make you extra glad this normal Thursday.
String Gardens by Fedor van der Valk

Guangzhou Opera house by Zaha Hadid

Catch by Lindsey Adelman

Nest by Misha Kahn

Loop by Sophie de Vocht for Casamania

366 (Emily Dickinson's Miraculous Year) by Spencer Finch